Friday, June 11, 2021

4 Gaming Websites That Showcase Great Use of HTML5

 HTML5 generally refers to a set of modern technologies, which include the HTML Living Standard and JavaScript APIs that enhance storage and hardware access. It’s the successor to previous HTML versions and is probably best known for introducing the capability to natively include and handle multimedia and graphical content.


4 Gaming Websites That Showcase Great Use of HTML5

Through HTML5, we’ve seen some incredibly dynamic websites come to life. Brands such as Nike, Apple, IKEA, and Tesla have created HTML5-based websites that show just what can be done with the language, and other industries have followed suit. Gaming developers have also utilized HTML5 to bring new content to their websites and engage both new and existing players. Here are some gaming websites that showcase the best of what HTML5 can offer:


Wizarding World 


When Pottermore launched in 2012, it was meant to be an online companion to the immensely popular Harry Potter series. However, interest in the website waned, as it was hardly compatible with mobile devices, had limited functionality, and became more of a blog than anything else. In 2019, Pottermore’s content migrated to Wizarding World and became a truly interactive site that lets users get Sorted, determine their Patronus, and explore more aspects of the Wizarding World. The site now houses content for all of the Harry Potter spin-offs and uses HTML5 for a seamless experience across devices, with animated pages, native videos, and crisp graphics.


Gala Bingo 


Operating since 1991, Gala Bingo has seen plenty of changes throughout the years. The site has been known to house the UK’s largest collection of online bingo games, slot game, and scratch cards. To stand out from the competition, Gala Bingo redesigned their website in 2020 and introduced a new “Bingo Like a Boss” slogan. Switching to HTML5, the website now hosts hundreds of games that can be played from any web browser, be it on a computer or a mobile phone, offering a truly convenient bingo experience.


League of Legends 


Over a decade old, League of Legends has become a mainstay in the gaming community. Anyone looking at the website these days would find it hard to believe that this game was so bad at its inception that not even the developers wanted to play it. Today, the League website boasts of amazing animation, in-page video displays showcasing gameplay scenes, and – most importantly – easy access to content. Despite the many features going on and all the content being displayed, the website loads quickly on all devices. The team at Riot Games also uses HTML5 in the game launcher and client, improving cross-platform capabilities.


Blizzard Entertainment 


Home to the Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch franchises, Blizzard Entertainment is a brand that’s come to be synonymous with modern gaming. Their website is just as impressive, featuring a roster of their latest games, their signature artwork, and content for fans of all the franchises. Although less animation-heavy than the League website, Blizzard’s site is a great one-stop-shop for all the studio’s content and loads quickly on both web and mobile browsers.


HTML5 has doubtlessly improved modern website design, and these gaming sites showcase just what the language is capable of. Explore the rest of our site for more information, tips, and design tricks for your website development.



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