skptricks php tutorials for beginners

The following list is the table of contents of all tutorials related to PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. Here you will get basic and advance level concept about php.

PHP Tutorial :

PHP Basic Concept :

Introduction to PHP
PHP Syntax
PHP Echo
PHP Print
PHP Variables
PHP Constants
PHP Comment Block
PHP Operators
PHP String

PHP Control Statements :

PHP IF-Else Statement
PHP Switch Statement
PHP For Loop
PHP While Loop
PHP Do While Loop
PHP Break Statement
PHP Continue Statement

PHP Magic Constants :
PHP Magic Constants

PHP Function Examples:

PHP Functions
PHP Parameterized Functions
PHP Anonymous functions
PHP Default Argument functions
PHP Variable Length Argument functions
PHP Recursive functions
PHP Call By Value functions
PHP Call By Reference functions

PHP Function Examples:

PHP Arrays
PHP Indexed Arrays
PHP Associative Arrays 
PHP Multidimensional Arrays  

PHP Control Statements :

PHP String
PHP String Functions

PHP File Handling:

PHP File Handling
PHP Open File 
PHP Read File 
PHP Write File 
PHP Append File  
PHP Delete File  

PHP Mail Function:

PHP Mail Function
Send Email Using PHP Mailer Script via. Gmail SMTP Server
Send file/attachment to email address using php mail function

PHP Include File:

PHP Include File

PHP Session and Cookies:

PHP Sessions 
PHP Cookies 
PHP Session Vs Cookies 

PHP MySQL Connection

PHP MySQL Connection Overview
PHP Create MySQL Database
PHP Create MySQL Table
PHP Insert Data Into MySQL
PHP Update Data Into MySQL Database
PHP Delete Data From MySQL Database
PHP Select Data From MySQL Database

Miscellaneous Example :
PHP Form Handling
PHP File Upload

PHP MySQL Connection using PDO


PHP Advance Tutorials:
PHP Tutorials Demo

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