Friday, March 22, 2019

Best Editors For React Native Mobile App Development

Here are 5 most useful React Native IDE & editors for React Native that will help developers to create a react native app efficiently.

1. Atom
Almost all the technologies can be benefited by this open source text editor for OS X, Windows, and Linux. With JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Atom makes it easy to hack the core and write packages.

With Atom developers can create top-grade react native apps, as it incorporates a huge community with a number of plugins.

2. Visual Studio Code
The Visual Studio Code is introduced by Microsoft for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is a powerful cross-platform editor. The developers are making choice of this tool in very large extent.

Why Visual Studio is the best React native IDE ?
• Code debugging
• Built-in Git commands
• Customizable and Extensible

3. Nuclide
Many React Native Development Companies are considering Nuclide as best IDE for building a react native app. To simplify the mobile app development, Facebook brought Nuclide which has a built-in support for React Native framework.

Nuclide gives the best environment of development for React Native, Flow projects, and Hack. It is created on top of Atom, as a single package to provide the support and hackability of an active community.
Nuclide has following major features:
• Hack Language Support
• Debugging
• Flow Support
• Remote development
• Mercurial Support

4. Sublime Text
Just like Atom Sublime provides a number of themes and packages.Sublime Text is 3rd most prominent development environment. No wrong to say it has become a seasoned player in the technology market, as it has gone through a number of changes so far since it came into existence.

The Sublime Text is enriched with following features:
• Multiple Selections
• Goto Anything
• Command Palette
• Cross Platform
• Instant Project Switch
• Split editing

5. GNU Emacs Editor
GNU Emacs Editor is known as “the most powerful text editor available today”. It is free under GPL license. With additional feature of text editing, it also acts as an interpreter for Emacs Lisp.

GNU Emacs is popular with its features listed below:
• Downloading and installing with packaging system’s extensions
• For almost all human scripts there is full Unicode support
• Content-aware editing mode
• Detailed built-in documentation with tutorial for new users

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