Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Java 10 features - What is new in Java 10?

While we all are talking about Java 9 and some people have yet to adopt Java 8 in their projects, here comes the new release of Java, the JDK 10. It's available to download now on Oracle's website. This is the first release in the new release schedule, where you have a new Java release every six months. I know it's quite early, but that's a reality now.
Apart from the six-month releases, every three years, there will be an LTS release, which is sort of a major Java release. The next LTS release is Java 11, which should be out in September. So you can aim for that. Then you can update three years after that to the next LTS release.

Java 10 features

What's new in Java 10?

Released in March 2018, Java 10 comes just six months after its predecessor, Java 9 and brings an enhanced Local Variable Type Inference, garbage collection and compilation.

The three-year wait for Java 9 frustrated most Java developers, but it meant that we half expected that this release would be delayed too.

But that was not the case! And now, Oracle has committed to releasing a new version every six months.

However, this move towards such regular updates has sparked debate among Java users. Some preferring less frequent releases with more significant changes, while others like the stable nature of more regular updates to the development environment.

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