Thursday, September 3, 2015

Android code to run the task in every one minutes.

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Here i am providing you a code to run task in every X seconds.

What is Looper?

Looper is a class which is used to execute the Messages(Runnables) in a queue. Normal threads have no such queue, e.g. simple thread does not have any queue. It executes once and after method execution finishes, the thread will not run another Message(Runnable).

Where we can use Looper class?

If someone wants to execute multiple messages(Runnables) then he should use the Looper class which is responsible for creating a queue in the thread. For example, while writing an application that downloads files from the internet, we can use Looper class to put files to be downloaded in the queue.

HandlerThread hThread = new HandlerThread("HandlerThread");
  Handler handler = new Handler(hThread.getLooper());
  final Handler handler1 = new Handler(hThread.getLooper());
  final long oneMinuteMs = 60 * 1000;
  Runnable eachMinute = new Runnable() { 
   public void run() {
    Log.d(TAG, "Each minute task executing");
    handler1.postDelayed(this, oneMinuteMs);
 // sendPostRequest();
  // Schedule the first execution
  handler1.postDelayed(eachMinute, oneMinuteMs);

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