Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dynamically load a Javascript file with jQuery

jQuery's $.getScript() function is a shorthand wrapper to $.ajax() which easily allows remote Javascript to be loaded into the current page.

Using $.getScript():

Method : 1


Method :2

$.getScript('/javascript/myscript.js', function() {

    // do something here


Note that this makes a GET request and if POST is required then you need to use the $.ajax() function directly, as shown below, instead of the $.getScript() shorthand.

Using $.ajax() instead:

The same thing can be done using the $.ajax function which allows for some more control over the parameters, such as making it a POST request instead or ensuring the file is never cached.

Method :1


    url: '/javascript/myscript.js',

    dataType: 'script'


Method : 2
on_js_load_complete() {
    // do something


    url : '/javascript/myscript.js',

    success: on_js_load_complete()


Load multiple script in best way:
    $.getScript( "/mypath/myscript1.js" ),
    $.getScript( "/mypath/myscript2.js" ),
    $.getScript( "/mypath/myscript3.js" ),
    $.Deferred(function( deferred ){
        $( deferred.resolve );

    //place your code here, the scripts are all loaded


Above techniques are mostly use in jquery to load specific module of javascript and jquery.

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