Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ultoo sms Earn Faster

Ultoo sms Earn Faster

Have You Heard Of This New Website Called Ultoo   Provide Credits For Sending Sms And Registering By Referrals..

Ultoo Sms

Earning Details :

 1) 2p Per Sms

2) 1 Rs Per Referrals Reregistration 

3)2 Rs Will Be Added To You When You Register Your Number 

 But here  iam provide trick to get 20rs at a time choose the below link..

To Register Click Here : Ultoo Register 

 So Its Not  Easy To Earn So Fast :(

So Here Is Trick To Send Sms In One Easy Step Specially For Those Who Are On Mobile.
You Can Call It A Kind Of Ultoo Hack But Its Not Hack. Its A trick send From Ultoo Via mobile Easily.

1.Why there is limit of 50sms per in ?
Ans. In, it is not specified in the terms and conditions not to send more than 50 sms per day. If we take TRAI's guidelines, they never prohibited, except of commercial messages. According to me, It may be the subjected of commercial sms. I also feels that, in case, you cannot earn more than 1 rupee per day only by sending free sms, if you want earn money, then you need to refer your friends and you can earn 1 rupee on per referral. So, Restriction is only for sending more than 50 sms per day. If this restrication is not applicable, then we will empty the wallet and Bank Account of

2.How to invite or refer your friends in, so that you can earn more ?
Ans. In, if you more refer then you will more earn. They paid Rs. 1 on per refer under your referral link. There are 3 ways to invite or refer.
A.By Unique URL: When you login into your ultoo account, then you will see invite button on dashboard. When you click on Invite, you can see your Unique URL referral link[] copy this link and post it on facebooktwitteror blogs, you can also post on our blog.
B.By Email: On Invite page, you can enter your friend's name and email and then click on 'Invite my friends' button. The email will sent to your friends with Unique referral link.
C.By SMS: Click on 'Invite By SMS' button in Invite page. You can refer your friends throughmobile number. You need to fill your friend's mobile number and click on 'Invite my friends' button. Your referral code will be delivered to your friend's mobile message box.
Remember:- Your referral link will be waste, if your friend did not click on your referral link. If your friend clicks on your referral link and sign-up in under your reference then you will get 1 Rs.

3.How to change mobile number in ?
Ans. In you can recharge any mobile number with the rupees you have earned. It is not matter, which number you have listed on your account. But if you want to change your mobile number, you need to follow these steps:-
a.Go to Settings>Account>Mobile Number.
b.Click on change? below your current mobile number.
c.On new page, Enter Your Mobile Number and Re-Enter your mobile number. Click OnProceed button.
d.Then you will recieve a confirmation message on your new mobile number. When you confirmed it, your mobile number will be changed.

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