Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Secure your Computer

Today Virus attack has become a major problem.Computer hacking is also a major problem among Virus.In many ways it is serious than virus.
Hacker takes possession on your computer by hacking.A Hacker takes Control over your computer by hacking.After hacking into your computer a hacker can steal or destroy data.Now hacking detection is not easy from normal process.In fact it’s not longer required in hacking that hacker only use your pc,rather technically hackers has been so much advanced that they can also use your PC by stealing your password.Unless you come to know until then all data from your computer will be destroyed.

secure computer How To Secure your ComputerSo the Several precautions are necessary

1 – Be careful while using the email.Never open unwanted emails attachments and never download anything from unwanted or spam emails.

2- Be careful while using the pen drive. Scan the Pendrive before transferring the data to your computer.

3- Continuously update the antivirus, so your PC will be safe

4 – If for some reason your window is slow, then may be your PC has been hacked. In this Situation format your pc will be right solution .

5 – If you keep your PC password confidential , It can be saved from being hacked and always use Strong Pssword.

6- Always Use Good Antivirus with License Key.

7- Always Turned on your window Firewall.

Nowadays many advanced security system is coming in the market,which not only useful Over time ,rather they also have 0 day virus protection.By Using such system to a large extent you can save your personal computer from the problem of hacking.

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