Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 most popular custom ROMs for Android of all time

There are a variety of mobile operating systems available today among which iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and Android are the major once having a strong foothold in market. But in spite of so many options, Android still remains user’s first choice, not only because it is available with cheaper devices but also because of its open nature. Where Android allows its users to customize every available feature, others don’t. This surely makes Android very flexible! If you are an Android enthusiasts and have tried every customization available on web.. you might have surely tried a few custom ROMs, but which once are the best and why? In this post, I’ll answer this question!


CyanogenMod is without doubt the best ROM available for Android devices. Not only is it available on larger number of devices but because of the great features it include which are not available in stock versions. CyanogenMod offers great features like lock screen gestures, supports for theme, incognito browsing, DSP equalizer, FLAC support etc.
CyanogenMod is now in 7.1 stable version and a list of devices that it supports can befound here. To download and install it please visit its homepage.


Pronounced mee-yoo-eye is again a very popular ROM for Android devices. Though it does not support as many devices as CyanogenMod but it is popular for its distinctive GUI, which is arguably the best among all. It offers enhanced notification system, enhanced apps for music, camera and gallery and the best part is smart dialing. You can visit its homepage here and download .


Darky is a manufacturer-specific ROM which is specially developed for Samsung’s ultimate devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy SII). This ROM obviously brings down the not so good touchwiz GUI and adds a better look and feel to these devices. Apart from GUI, it removes a lot of bloatwares from stock and adds new features and functionality. You can visit Darky’s homepage here.
These are the top 3 ROMs I would suggest anyone who is drifting away from the stock version, the most stable and full of feature ROMs. Hope you liked this post, we would be glad to hear your feedbacks on this post.
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